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Problem-Solving is our Passion. Technology is our Solution.

Arc Technologies Group was born out of a dual passion for problem solving and for technology. From our humble beginnings, we have grown over our decade in business into a full service digital technology consultancy and managed services provider (MSP). We partner with business of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500, and provide our digital GxP solutions for Life Sciences. Whether implementing a secure OT network or helping your business navigate its most recent acquisition, ATG focuses on our “right the first time, every time” process and philosophy for ensuring service delivery that exceeds expectations.

We are made up of top-talent experts fitted to consult with clients and enable the success of your dreams without you needing to become a technology expert. We strive to provide custom solutions but never waste resources reinventing the wheel. While our consultants are focused on each client, we share expertise, knowledge, and experience to drive results to your bottom line. Every business and industry may be a snowflake – but we know snow is made from water. We know the best practices and the pitfalls, and we hope to help our clients avoid the latter in every project, going above and beyond to keep your business complaint, secure, and fully Digital.

This brings us to a core piece of our philosophy: We are “Large enough to do it right. Small enough to give a damn.”

Those last few words are important to us. According to The Free Dictionary, the phrase ”give a damn” is defined as follows:

“To care deeply about or be especially interested in someone or something.”

At ATG, Problem-solving is our passion & Technology is our solution. We care about the successes, projects, and individuals at each and every client – regardless of their contribution to our bottom line. Many larger consultancies are body shops. They make money based on staff numbers, on change orders, or on the project length rather than on the end results. All of this can transpire without even solving your original problem.

We aspire to better.

Arc Technologies Group is a boutique digital technology services consultancy and MSP. That means we are about finding solutions for your problems and solving for your opportunities. We bring passion, experience, and, most importantly – a damn to give – in driving your organization’s digital technology. We focus on cybersecurity first and right the first time (every time) implementation and processes, whether for a client or our internal purposes.

Arc Technologies Group relies on a foundational team of exceptional individuals who possess extensive knowledge in effectively managing dynamic and intricate technological systems. We thoroughly analyze your business systems, working to understand your business and identify areas requiring attention, efficiency, or improvement. Doing so ensures our solutions precisely address your project’s specific needs and the needs of your overall business.

With a robust foundation in GxP practices in a controlled environment, tailored to midsize to large environments, Arc Technologies Group will become your trusted advisor and partner for overseeing, enhancing, and revolutionizing your IT systems and infrastructure. We will bring you efficiency, answers, and the peace of mind your business has been looking for.

This is IT for the 21st Century. This is Digital Technology. This is ATG.


Problem. Solved. Don’t worry; we hate change orders too.


Driving strategic solutions and improvement with best practices.

Managed Services

We proactively manage your technology, not your expectations.


More than just headcount. The right people for the job.


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