Are you tired of the operational headaches and time-consuming tasks keeping you from what matters most in your business? You’re in the right place. We help clients elevate their businesses and exceed their goals through our world-class outsourcing services; we can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and focus on the strategic areas that will grow your business.

In the life sciences industry, the role of technology has never been more critical. From accelerating research and development, managing regulatory compliance, to driving operational efficiencies, technology forms the backbone of modern life sciences organizations. That’s why we offer tailored IT outsourcing services specifically designed for the unique needs and challenges of the life sciences sector.

Our comprehensive IT outsourcing services empower life sciences companies to focus on their core mission: innovating and delivering life-changing solutions. We handle the IT complexities, allowing you to leverage cutting-edge technology without the need to manage it in-house.

With our IT outsourcing services, you gain more than just an IT service provider—you gain a strategic partner dedicated to helping you leverage technology to its fullest potential. Trust your IT needs to us, and together, let’s harness the power of technology to push the boundaries of life sciences.

Why ATG?

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  • Specialized Life Science expertise across the ATG team

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  • We are a client first organization, acting as a fiduciary for the success of your IT

Service Offerings.

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Service Use Cases:

IT/OT Convergence

IT/OT convergence refers to the integration of Information Technology (IT) systems, which involve data processing, storage, and retrieval, with Operational Technology (OT) systems, which are used to monitor and control physical devices and processes. This convergence is critical in industries such as manufacturing, utilities, and healthcare, where IT systems provide data analytics, and OT systems directly influence the production lines or control critical operations. This integration aims to improve efficiency, enhance data accuracy, reduce operational costs, and foster innovation by allowing data-driven decision-making directly on the shop floor.

Long term implementation in the GxP space.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing often involves the use of complex technologies to ensure regulatory compliance, such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). This is where GxP comes in. However, integrating the Information Technology (IT) aspects (like data management, analytics, etc.) and Operational Technology (OT) aspects (like machine automation, quality control systems, etc.) in such environments is a complex task. A pharmaceutical company can outsource this GxP IT/OT convergence to a specialized provider like ATG who has experience in both IT and OT domains, as well as a solid understanding of GxP regulations. The provider would help the company maintain compliance while optimizing operations, enhancing data integrity, improving traceability, and increasing overall operational efficiency.

Outsourced IT

This typically refers to hiring a third-party company or a contractor to handle specific IT projects or tasks on an as-needed basis. It's a way to supplement existing IT capabilities or to handle certain functions that are outside the expertise of the in-house IT team. The relationship is often transactional and the services might be used irregularly. For example, an outsourced IT firm might be called in to handle a major system upgrade or to assist with a specific project, such as setting up a new network infrastructure.

Dedicated IT Staff for Your Project

An extensive data center upgrade project can be successfully completed by leveraging the expertise of outsourced resources. The scope of the project would encompass modernizing server hardware, updating the network infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity measures, and implementing advanced data backup and recovery solutions.

A team of seasoned IT professionals augmenting the client’s existing staff would play a vital role in this large-scale endeavor. They would help with initially conducting a thorough audit of the existing data center, identifying areas that needed improvement or replacement, and formulating a comprehensive plan for the upgrade by working with the existing IT management and leadership to formulate a solid project execution plan. The team also ensured minimal disruption to our operations during the upgrade process by meticulously planning and executing each step.

Long Term Systems Integration

Large scale systems integration involves connecting multiple individual subsystems to operate as one unified system. This can include hardware, software, or organizational elements. The aim is seamless data flow, unified control, and standardized protocols across all components. Key aspects include interoperability (ensuring systems can communicate), data integration (enabling smooth data flow), business process integration (aligning workflows), security and compliance (ensuring regulation adherence and data security), and maintenance/support.

Peace of mind through experienced teams.

An enterprise, for example, a mid-cap CRObank, might be looking to integrate its legacy systems with new technologies like cloud computing and ML. However, the task of doing so is enormous and fraught with risks. The enterprise can outsource this systems integration to an IT service provider specializing in this field. The provider can assess the existing infrastructure, recommend the right technologies, manage the integration process, and provide continuous support. This would help the enterprise to avoid operational disruption during the transition, leverage the best technologies, and reduce the risks associated with integration.

Outsourced Data Management

Outsourced data management involves delegating the tasks of collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing data to a third-party service provider. This can include database design and maintenance, data security, backup and recovery, and data analytics. It allows organizations to focus on core activities while ensuring that data is handled professionally, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and leveraging the provider's expertise for data-driven decision-making.

Data is our domain - don't let it be your headache.

A biotechnology firm might be engaged in a large-scale genomic sequencing project. The vast amount of data generated from such a project requires specialized IT resources to store, process, and analyze. The firm could outsource this data management to an IT service provider with expertise in bioinformatics. The service provider could offer scalable cloud-based storage solutions, provide tools for big data analytics, and support the firm in deriving valuable insights from the genomic data. This would not only alleviate the burden of managing massive amounts of data but also accelerate the firm’s research and development efforts.

Large enough to do it right. Small enough to give a damn.


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