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By straddling the entire digital technology stack, we’re equipped to uncover and seize every digital opportunity within your organization – including those yet to be discovered. Our end-to-end solutions don’t just solve current challenges, but also anticipate future needs, keeping you ahead in this dynamic digital age.

Welcome to Arc Technologies Group – your trusted partner in transforming digital technology into a powerful tool for innovation and growth. With us, you’re not just future-ready – you’re actively shaping the future.


The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid IT evolution with the adoption of technologies like electronic health records, telemedicine, and wearable medical devices. Many healthcare organizations struggle to efficiently and securely manage the increased demand for IT resources. Arc Technologies Group offers managed IT services tailored for healthcare, allowing you to focus on patient care while we handle your technology.

In compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, our cybersecurity and compliance teams assist HCOs in implementing the necessary IT controls to manage access to electronically protected health information (PHI). This safeguards sensitive information, prevents system downtime, and upholds the quality of care.


Developing and manufacturing requires a deep understanding of equipment manufacturing, automation, testing, and product hardware/software verification. Expertise is crucial for verifying hardware, software, and manufacturing life sciences products like glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, and combination injection devices. Our skilled engineers ensure that your manufacturing equipment and automation solutions align with your needs, providing comprehensive testing, validation, serialization, and new product scale-up for your medical devices.

Staying ahead in technology and planning requires time and skilled resources, often involving a substantial investment. Our team of seasoned technology experts is dedicated to providing efficient IT services for your transformational activities, regardless of complexity. This encompasses strategic changes, adoption of new technologies, federation, cross-functional integration, and automation tasks.

Financial Serivces

Arc Technologies Group possesses extensive experience catering to venture capital, private equity, and family offices. We comprehend the distinct requirements of diverse financial service entities, offering customized Managed and Co-Managed IT and Digital Transformation solutions.

For private equity, venture capital firms, family offices, and other financial service entities with specialized data handling needs, Arc Technologies Group provides technology-driven solutions that mitigate business risks while leveraging the power of technology.


ATG stands out because of our commitment to doing things differently. Many larger consultancies are body shops. They make money based on staff numbers, on change orders, or on the project length – rather than on the end results. All of this can transpire without even solving your original problem.

We aspire to be better.

We put your needs and your organization’s growth at the center of our operations. We’re not interested in padding our numbers or pushing for longer projects – we’re here to solve your problems and unlock your opportunities. We bring passion, experience, and most importantly a damn give in driving your organization’s digital technology forward. We do this because there is a simple truth common throughout our industry as a service provider; we do better when you do better.

This is IT for the 21st Century. This is Digital Technology.
This is ATG.

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We are here to transform your business. Keeping you secure, complaint, and future ready.