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As your partner, we don’t just react to IT issues—we anticipate and prevent them. Our proactive approach keeps your infrastructure optimally performing and your data secure, meeting stringent industry regulations and safeguarding your reputation.

Embrace the freedom to innovate without IT distractions or security concerns.

In an industry as critical and fast-paced as life sciences, managing IT infrastructure and ensuring top-tier security shouldn’t distract from your core mission: innovating to improve lives. Allow our specialized Managed Services and Managed Security Services to carry the IT load, so you can focus on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and focus on core business activities while benefiting from streamlined operations and cost savings.

MSPs bring efficiency, scalability, and specialized knowledge to support corporate companies in meeting their technology needs while ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity.Our team of highly skilled IT professionals offers comprehensive, end-to-end managed services tailored to the unique needs of the life sciences sector. From network management, cloud services, data integration to IT support, we handle your complete IT infrastructure, ensuring uninterrupted operations, optimal performance, and strategic alignment with your business goals.

From day-to-day IT operations to robust cybersecurity measures, our team of experts provides comprehensive, industry-specific services that not only keep your systems running smoothly, but also protect your valuable data from ever-evolving threats.

Why ATG?

  • Holistic, one hand to shake, service model- we’ll take care of it all

  • Specialized Life Science expertise across the ATG team

  • Cybersecurity first – we know the best practices and always work to meet those standards

  • We are a client first organization, acting as a fiduciary for the success of your IT

Service Offerings.

Your Digital GxP


Service Use Cases:

Network and Threat Monitoring

A regional healthcare clinic that faces frequent network downtime and cybersecurity threats, impacting patient care and data security, can improve outcomes through our advanced and proactive Managed IT services. By partnering with Arc Technologies Group for, the business could achieve 99.999%, robust data protection, and streamlined patient data management all backed by ATG’s 24/7 Service Delivery and NOC/SOC teams. Our comprehensive support and proactive cybersecurity measures ensured seamless operations, enhancing patient trust and care efficiency.

Infrastructure Support, Securitization, & Optimization

A global manufacturer facing operational inefficiencies due to outdated IT infrastructure and frequent system outages. ATG’s Infrastructure Support and Proactive Technology Management services, built by a team that understands high-tech manufacturing, modernized their IT systems, helping to reduce downtime, and improve visibility and security, all while streamlining the service delivery for their end users resulting in significantly improved operational efficiency. Discrete expertise with some of the most high-tech manufacturing industries in the world enables the ATG team to drive value that far exceeds that of your average MSP team.

Start-up Stand-up

A super regional healthcare startup went from no operations to one office within five days of signing with ATG’s Managed Services outfit. The team enabled them to scale from one office in Kansas to offices from Texas to Alaska in just a few weeks. We love building businesses and solving problems, and our service delivery team enables founders to do what they do best without having to worry about their IT stack.

ATG’s experience with startups begins at the executive level, and helping to build the next generation of technology is in our DNA.

Truly Compliant IT Services

Service delivery in regulated markets is not the same as service delivery in markets that are not. Whether it is GxP or HIPAA, an understanding of that regulatory frame is essential to supporting the technology used by those industries. Where ATG is different is not only in our deep understanding of every regulation we support but also in our commitment to providing services that are actually in compliance with those regulations.

While other MSPs may say they are “GxP Adjacent” or “support” HIPAA compliance without being compliant themselves, we know that is not good enough.

Large enough to do it right. Small enough to give a damn.


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