At Arc Technologies Group, we have been providing services to the contiguous United States and beyond since 2013. Our team of information technology experts and support staff will deliver expertise, passion, and a damn to give to your projects!

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Large enough to do it right. Small enough to give a damn.


ATG stands out because of our commitment to doing things differently. Many larger consultancies are body shops. They make money based on staff numbers, on change orders, or on the project length – rather than on the end results. All of this can transpire without even solving your original problem.

We aspire to be better.

We put your needs and your organization’s growth at the center of our operations. We’re not interested in padding our numbers or pushing for longer projects – we’re here to solve your problems and unlock your opportunities. We bring passion, experience, and most importantly a damn give in driving your organization’s digital technology forward. We do this because there is a simple truth common throughout our industry as a service provider; we do better when you do better.

This is IT for the 21st Century. This is Digital Technology.
This is ATG.

Our Approach

We have provided quality Consulting, Advisory, and Managed services for over 10 years with over 100 years of combined internal experience. Click below to learn more about Arc Technologies Group.

Our Services

Our services include consulting, advisory, outsourcing, managed IT, managed OT, and managed security all within a discrete specialization in the Life Sciences sector. Click below to learn more.