ATG stands out because of our commitment to doing things differently. Many larger consultancies are body shops. They make money based on staff numbers, on change orders, or on the project length – rather than on the end results. All of this can transpire without even solving your original problem.

We aspire to be better.

We put your needs and your organization’s growth at the center of our operations. We’re not interested in padding our numbers or pushing for longer projects – we’re here to solve your problems and unlock your opportunities. We bring passion, experience, and most importantly a damn give in driving your organization’s digital technology forward. We do this because there is a simple truth common throughout our industry as a service provider; we do better when you do better.

This is IT for the 21st Century. This is Digital Technology.
This is ATG.


By straddling the entire digital technology stack, we’re equipped to uncover and seize every digital opportunity within your organization – including those yet to be discovered. Our end-to-end solutions don’t just solve current challenges, but also anticipate future needs, keeping you ahead in this dynamic digital age.

  • Systems Implementation – from small business systems to enterprise-wide cGxP compliant ERPs.

  • Cybersecurity – solutions for both your business and manufacturing networks.
  • Project Management – that fully understands and accounts for your regulatory landscape.

Welcome to Arc Technologies Group – your trusted partner in transforming digital technology into a powerful tool for innovation and growth. With us, you’re not just future-ready – you’re actively shaping the future.


ATG helps you foresee future necessities, ensuring you remain at the forefront in this rapidly evolving digital era. Navigating the ever-evolving IT and business environment can be complex – let us help.

  • Strategic IT Advisory – spanning mergers and acquisitions to the IT stack required to stand up a commercialization entity.

  • Compliance – services focused on your digital systems with a deep understanding of the current and future regulatory environment.
  • Best Practices & Processes – implemented by our team of subject matter experts specializing in transformation.

With our strategic advisory services, you’re not merely planning for your future but actively influencing its direction. Harness your digital technology to stimulate innovation and expansion today.

Managed Services

Our comprehensive managed services go beyond resolving current challenges. They anticipate future requirements, keeping you at the forefront of this ever-evolving digital era. We specialize in proactivity… not reactivity.

  • Managed Security – we offer robust solutions for securing your business and manufacturing networks, mitigating risks, and protecting your vital assets.

  • Up to 24×7 Support – keeping your critical business operations, and your people, supported by your IT even while you sleep.
  • Digital GxP Ready – our whole team is trained for Life Sciences, meaning your IT stack won’t work against your compliance goals.

Our whole stack is designed, at its core, on our ‘right the first time’ concepts, driving a host of cyber-security first improvements to your average MSP. Combined with our deep understanding of the Life Sciences regulatory environment, we drive value from IT across your business.


Are you tired of the operational headaches and time-consuming tasks keeping you from what matters most in your business? You’re in the right place. With our world-class outsourcing services, we can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and focus on the strategic areas that will grow your business.

  • Subject Matter Experts – who know your industry and will get to know your business, working as a seamless team member.

  • Results Orientated – Experienced resources who will drive your projects to completion, not abstractions.
  • Complete Teams – give them a problem and they will solve for every opportunity they can find to make your project successful.

Leverage our expertise and innovative solutions to unlock your business’s full potential. We’ve got your back, so you can get back to what you do best. Remember, your business deserves the best. Partner with us and let’s achieve greatness, together.

Transform Your Future

We are here for Life. Keeping your business secure, complaint, and future ready.


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