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Problem. Solved. Don’t worry; we hate change orders too.


Driving strategic solutions and improvement with best practices.

Managed Services

We proactively manage your technology, not your expectations.


More than just headcount. The right people for the job.


ATG stands out from the crowd because of our commitment to doing things differently. Many larger consultancies are body shops. They make money based on staff numbers, on change orders, or on the project length rather than on the end results. All of this can transpire without even solving your original problem.

We aspire to be better.

We put your needs and your organization’s growth at the center of our operations. We’re not interested in padding our numbers or pushing for longer projects – we’re here to solve your problems and unlock your opportunities. We bring passion, experience, and most importantly a damn to drive your organization’s digital technology. We do this because there is a simple truth common throughout our industry as a service provider; we do better when you do better.

This is IT for the 21st Century. This is Digital Technology. This is ATG.

Our Solutions Stack

Arc Technologies Group partners with companies across the full spectrum of the digital technology stack, enhancing our ability to provide comprehensive and future-proof solutions. Our broad spectrum of competencies means we are well-equipped to cater to every digital opportunity within your business, including those you may not have yet discovered.

Large enough to do it right.

Small enough to give a damn.

Technology solutions serve a potent purpose – to drive rapid action and enable significant improvements at light speed. Arc Technologies Group offers a comprehensive suite of GxP digital services tailored to life sciences companies, regardless of size. Rather than opting for a firm that simply extinguishes fires (or manages change orders), why not partner with a digital solutions team that can ignite a spark with innovative ideas – either yours or ours? Assisting you is our raison d’être.

Leverage the expertise of a team well-versed in 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 regulations. We amalgamate a deep understanding of your business needs with a robust knowledge of systems, ensuring your operations are secure, compliant, and efficient. With our Managed Services, Managed Security Services, Advisory Services, Consulting, and Outsourcing offerings, you can trust us to navigate the intricate landscape of life sciences technology solutions.

GxP Compliance



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